Ways To Unlock New Characters In Walking Dead Road To Survival


Competitive games always have an extraordinary impact on mobile gamers because nowadays, competition is happening between players to the player.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival is a perfect competitive game that you can play in your mobile game. Attacking zombies to defending team members from them is the main thing in The Walking Dead Road to Survival.

If you have watched the popular TV series The Walking Dead, then you must understand the game as well. The majority of things in The Walking Dead Road to Survival are taken from the actual series.

The competition in The Walking Dead Road to Survival is very high because of the popularity, and the competition also gets high.

Now I order to win from the opponent, and you have to follow some tips that will help you to give a tough battle with the opponent.

Compete With Opponents in the Walking Dead Road to Survival

It may excite you, but the competition is tough and entertaining in The Walking Dead Road to Survival. There are so many types of characters, and guns are available in the game that players can use while battling with each other.

Connect to the FB account of the game so you can find some great players of the walking dead road to survival.

There are several ways to win, and these are written below –

Unlock the team player

Having a strong team is a dream of every player, and for this, players have to do so much effort and missions. Every player in The Walking Dead Road to Survival is unique, and they have their own weapons that can be upgraded as well to be more powerful and dangerous.

Shiva is a tiger in The Walking Dead Road to Survival, and almost every player use it because the strength of Shiva is huge, and it can easily kill the zombies better than the human survivors.

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Swap the controlling

While battling with the opponent, you have to choose those players that you can play perfectly, and that is strong.

After choosing them in the fight, you have to know what kind of opponent and their team you are facing, and you can tackle and make your strategy on that base.

It is important to know the power and disadvantage of every player because that is how you can win every battle in the game.

Sometimes it gets important to swap the player between the battle, and in The Walking Dead Road to Survival, you can do it too to make your team win and keep the players survive.

Use weapons

As I mentioned above that you can use the weapons while playing, and it is a great way to make the fight more dangerous and deadly. Every weapon has its strength, and when the player uses it against the opponent, it deals a lot of damage.

Upgrade the team characters

At the time of unlocking, the power and strength of character are very low, but you have to upgrade the in order to make them stronger to their limits.