Top Coin Master Tips and Tricks

Coin Master is an addictive game to pass your time without much effort. In this post you get some best Coin Master Tips and Tricks to play the game.

Easy to use Coin Master Tips and Tricks For Better Gameplay

Coins Master Tips and Tricks

Connect with Facebook

Coin master is best played when you have a considerable number of friends playing the game. You can raid there a village or take revenge against their raids.

But when you do not have many active friends, you can connect with your Facebook account, and you can see who is playing the game.

There are other benefits of the Facebook connection. When you connect it, you get a gift of coins from the developers.

The, more importantly, you can exchange spins with your friends. Also, your friends can send you spins.

There is another Coin Master hack in the game. You can invite your friends to play the game. When your friend starts playing the game, you get free spins. Each invitation can give you 40 spins.

Collect the Bonus coins daily

Daily bonus coins are the best part of the game that you will get without making any efforts. As you open the game daily, these rewards ate given to you.

Spin the lucky wheel

Another excellent opportunity to grab a huge coin is the spin wheel. Every day you get one chance to spin the lucky wheel, and that can give you coins.

Earlier there were spins received from the daily wheel, but currently, that is replaced by a coin.

Grab the village completion Bonus

As an achievement of village completion, you get an excellent reward from coin master. When you move to the new village, you are gifted twenty-five spins to kick off your new one.

Pets can make a change

Pets are an excellent Coin Master hack that gives you perfect raid. When you raid to another village, you can only dig into three spots out of the four that is provided. But when your pet is with you the fourth spot that is untouched by you is accessed by it and you get additional coins.

All you need to do is feed your pet before you go for a raid. Pet foods can be purchased with coins. But we do not recommend to do so. As you play, you are randomly gifted with XPs and pet food.

It is always recommended to use your pet when you are taking part in an event. Pets do not get recharged for all time. After you feed them, they remain active for four hours. After that, they become hungry. The best way to use your pet is to send to rest. Also, when you get XP, you must enhance your pets.

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Complete the card collection

Cards are another mechanism that goes hand to hand with the coin spins. Completing a set of card, you can get added benefits. You might get free spins or additional pets in each deck completion.

Coin Master Hack to get cards is to trade them in the official Facebook site. There you can get your desired card in exchange for one.


All the above tips are functional, and you can get the most benefits from them. Play the spins and build your village without spending coins.