Top 6 Kisscartoon alternatives sites

Cartoons are loved by all age groups. From toddlers to adults, everyone loves watching the cartoon. There is thousands of website on the internet where you can watch cartoons, but Kisscartoon is one of the most preferred sites among users. But now it has started troubling users as the site goes down very often, which make the viewers unhappy. Also, there is not a full list of cartoons available now.

Cartoon Network

The most loved channel of children is now on the internet. Cartoon network is prevalent among users for a long time ago. Now they have a website containing the whole list of cartoons. This website also offers some exciting web-based games for children. If you want your children to watch a child-friendly website with no pop-up ads, then this website will be the best for your child.

Disney now

The next best site to watch a cartoon is Disney now. All of us know about Disney cartoons and children are mad over Disney characters. All of the content of Disney website is free for users, but also it can be viewed in the United States only.  No ads will pop up every time you watch cartoons. This site is very user-friendly, you will never complain about this site ever. The average visit per month on this website is around 2.5 million.

 You will get a great user experience in this website as all the ads are redirected to the next tab of the browser. So you can easily close the ads, and it will not disturb you watching your favourite cartoons. This site has a wide collection of cartoons for the viewers, and it offers only cartoons. The special feature about this website is ‘Light of’ option as all the other things are removed once you click on this button. So you can watch your cartoon on the full screen.

This is an amazing platform to watch the cartoon. All the cartoons here are free, and it contains all the list of cartoons of different channels from Disney, Nick, Disney junior and cartoon network, etc.  Whatever you want to watch, you can also search in the search bar. This website has a unique home page which enables the users to find what they want easily.


This website is great for users who like Anime as well as cartoons. It contains both Anime and Cartoon on the same platform. In this website, you can select what genre you want to watch. The list of cartoons and Anime are categorized according to the genre. So you just have to choose whether you want adventure, horror, thriller, etc. and start watching.

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This is a new site which streams both Anime and Cartoon. You can watch easily on this as there is not much traffic.  All the cartoons and anime are available on this site where you can watch it in good quality.

Here you are provided all the best child-friendly sites where your children can watch cartoons without any hindrance and in good quality.