The Beginner’s Tutorial To Skyrim Game

Hi there, I’d request you to grab on your swords and strap on your travelling boots, because it’s time to start with a new adventure in the fantasy world of Skyrim. From the massive glaciers of the north to the thick forests of the south, there’s adventure around every corner in the land of the Nords, and something for just about every requirement of a gamer.

When you begin your adventures across the frosty landscape, the options and degree of freedom in Skyrim is huge and overwhelming for many players. So to gain an edge in your first few hours of the game, we’ve formulated both basic and veteran level tips.

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STEP I: Create your character wisely

Although there’s an option to select from any of the character’s available, we will be pointing out two of the best in-game characters below:

(i) Nord – high resistance to frost damage (50%) which comes handy in a frozen landscape very often.

(ii) Altmer – they have significant starting spells, such as Fury, 50 Magicka and 25x Magicka Regen (once per day).

Even though it influences much of your experience in the game, don’t feel pressured to recruit a character that you don’t like.

STEP II: Follow the tutorial thoroughly

After completing the game’s introduction, you’ll emerge from a small cave into Skyrim’s wonderful landscape, with a companion who helps you during the tutorial. If you want, you can turn up your heel and go in any direction, but if it’s your first ever play through, it’s advisable that you follow your friend to the nearby village of Riverwood.

On the way, you can get to visit the guardian stones, and also get help from the locals known by your companion.

In the village, you should also visit the local trader to pick up a quest leading to the nearest dungeon, because nevertheless you’ll have to visit here some time later in the story. So it’s better to earn some rewards from the trader for sorting out his problem.

STEP III: Go to the City of Whiterun

Having cleared the dungeon, you should head to the city of Whiterun, to talk to the Jarl Balgruuf the Greater. This would gift you a reward for not only seeking him out, but also for bringing him an artifact found in Bleak falls barrow.

Doing this makes you learn what role have you got as a special hero.

Also if you need to reach any major city during the early part of the game, you can buy passage through a carriage for really cheap prices. There will be a carriage just outside of every major city on the map which links all cities together. Once you discover a location you can travel back and forth really fast, and for free, just by selecting its icon on the map.

That’s all for the newbies to Skyrim, I’d suggest you spend enough time to familiarize with all the customs of the game. So install the game quickly, and get going!

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