Summoners War Glory Points

guide to glory points

Summoners War is a vast MMORPG, and there are various aspects of the game. It is a general question by all gamers that how to get crystals in Summoners War.

Crystal is the premium currency of the game. But there is another valuable aspect of the game that is most underrated in the game.

Yes, we will discuss the glory points in this article.

How to collect Glory Points?

Glory Points are the reward points that you get from the Arena. However, the best part is you need not reach any level to unlock it. From day 1 of the game you start playing, you get access to Arena.

Whether you win or not, you get glory point in every battle. You receive 1 Glory Point for each defeat to another real competitor, and you earn two or more Glory Points for each win.

It might not look much, but everyone agrees. You should effectively achieve a maximum of 200 Glory points per week early on, and in a few months, you can quickly make 600 or more by levelling up and waking up / running a few normal four-star monsters for your squad.

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Where can you use Glory Points?

There is a special tab in the in-game store called the glory store in which you can acquire anything with glory points.

And there are many structures there, as well as some enjoyable things that are not attractive to buy right away.

  • The scrolls are definitely the hottest things to buy in the Glory Shop. For 240 Glory Point, you could have a Mystical Scroll once a week, guaranteeing a monster of three stars, and it can be a 4 or 5 real star monster and lightning.
  • In fact, each week, at the expense of 180 GP (fame marks) the power notes enable us to have the DEVILMON. It allows us to improve the skills of the monster without compromising a single one. My recommendation is, to begin with, a “mysterious plant,” if you are a beginner.  To actually practice, that allows replenishing energy much more quickly.
  • Next, “Sky Tribe Totem” is the significant advantage as it enables us to speed up the fight with the monsters in aggressive mode. In the Arena and dungeon for life, velocity is an important feature.

How to farm Glory Points

To best cultivate many GPs, you need to follow some easy summoners war cheats:

  • Lower defense in Arena is essential.
  • The weekly crystal reward is not essential as the crystals do not purchase buildings and Devilmon. But if you have Glory Point, you can grab them quickly.
  • Counterattack is essential every moment.


In conclusion, we can advise you to farm as much as you can to get these glory points. Collect one Devilmon every week, and you can build your Champion team. So happy farming.