Marvel Contest of Champions Tips to Level-Up in Game

marvel contest of champions tips

Marvel Contest of Champions a newly added RPG that requires enough skills. Though it is another RPG but contains a few changes in the mechanism. In this post, we will furnish you with some significant aspects of the game.

#1.            Class advantage

If you are an RPG lover, then you must be knowing the basics of class advantage. When your hero has an edge on the opponent, then you can create stronger damage to your enemy. Marvel Contest of Champions is also the same. Here the advantage circle is more straightforward.

Cosmic, Skill, Tech, Mutant, Science, and Mystic these are six variant of class in the game. The hierarchy is Cosmic>Skill>Tech>Mutant>Science> Mystic>Cosmic.

Follow these hack in selecting the hero from your roaster, and you can defeat your opponent quickly.

#2.            Combat Strategy

Marvel Contest of Champions is not a three puzzle game, and it has a robust combat mechanism. At the beginning of the game, you will be issued an excellent tutorial, and through that, you know the attack, defence and combo controls.

The control mechanism is quite comfortable in the game, but you need to use both hands. You can attack or defend simply by tapping and swiping your fingers.

Creating a combo is the best part of the combat strategy, and you need a little practice to use them.

Also, if you know the ability of the opponent, it will become easier. But you need to be very fast in the game to knock out your enemy.

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#3.            Levelling Up

You’re going to face some hard time playing the match at the early phase. And quick-rising is an excellent key to finding a fun way to play the game. You have different possibilities once you reach level 4, and the strongest of them is to play the previous levels. Our suggestion here is making the best use of Chapter 1, Quest 4. It’s the best rewarding level in the match which earns you absolute XP points.

#4.            Join an Alliance

Entering an alliance unlocks challenges for you in the partnership. You have to reach a specific level to get involved with an active group of players. You can, however, establish your alliance, but you have to invest in it.

Alliance challenges are a valuable leap in gaining extra incentives by completing such tasks. Using these bonuses you receive, you will level up quicker. On the other hand, using marvel contest of champions hack will skip all these steps and you will earn free credits that you could use in leveling up faster as well as unlocking great hereos.

#5.            XP boosts

For obtaining a level-up reward in the game, XP boosts are helpful. If you finish missions or any operation, it will grant you 40 per cent extra bonus XPs. XP boosters are the most reliable cheats to use in PvP games as you can take additional advantage of them. You could click the green tab in the hero collection section to use the required XP raise.

If you want to get the different XP boosts, cards are needed, and that can be obtained by replaying your previous levels.

Final Words

When you are a fascinated Fan of Marvel series, then this game is the best to encourage you. As you see your favourite heroes fighting in real match battle and now knowing the above aspects, it becomes a better experience.