MangaPanda Analytics: want to know where your favourite website ranks on the internet?

MangaPanda has created a rage among the websites containing comics, Manga, and anime. There are thousands of sites out there streaming Manga, but this website has always been people’s favourite. Here I am going to tell you about the rankings of the MangaPanda app. Here know everything about mangapanda and also check that how much people visit this website and where it ranks globally.

Global rank

MangaPanda ranks 2,231 globally, which means it is going to be among the top websites very soon. You must be thinking that this ranks inferior, but it is not.  There are thousands of sites on the internet providing Manga collection and reaching at this number is a great success. Yes, it certainly needs a lot of hard work to reach ahead of all the sites.

According to the statistics, the total number of the visit on this site is 9.68 million on an average of 9 minutes per visit. That means every 9 minutes 9.68 million people visit this site and reads 28.14 pages per visit. That sounds a good number.

Country Rank

Talking about the country rank, it ranks 1,061 in The United States. As per the stats, the country ranking seems perfect and favourable.  By this data, the traffic rank can be expected to reach at a good number soon.

Art and Entertainment Rank

 The art and entertainment rank is an essential aspect to reach a good traffic rank. This website is trendy among the Manga fans, which lead this to a position of 39 on the art and entertainment category.  You can see the popularity of this website by the statistics.

Social media ranking

Among all the data, social statistical data is very crucial. Social media plays a critical role in traffic rates.  MangaPanda ranks 62.88% on youtube, that means youtube has a tremendous impact on the search rates on social media sites. After that, it ranks 20.44% on Facebook and 8.07% on Reddit. It ranks 1.69% on Pinterest and a total of 1.59% on the WhatsApp web app. We can say that among all the other social media platforms, Youtube and Facebook are an excellent source for the search traffic rate.


Referrals also help in increasing the search traffic rate. A total of 4.85% of traffic is from referral sites. There are some sites which help the site reach a large number of people.  It gets 64.02% of search traffic by’s viewers, 31.63% by, and 02.0% by, etc.

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By looking at this data, we can see that MangaPanda’s most significant search traffic comes from social media sites. MangaPanda now also has an app known as the MangaMobile app, which has created a massive difference for the ranking rates. Here I have provided you with the original content from the web. This data can tell you why it is the favourite among all the sites. Due to the excellent quality of the website and easy accessibility and quick loading, this website has reached this stage.