Guide for malwarebytes and its alternatives

If you use the computer, then it is also important to protect it from malware activities. There is much anti-malware software which can come in use to deal with the harmful malware activities, and malwarebytes is one of them. Malwarebytes is the one software which is used for the Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and ios also to remove malware from the system. It is totally free version software which can come in use by people to remove virus from the Computer. It manually scans the malware. Along with this, in its paid version, one will get more features to use and provide real time protection also.

What to know about malwarebytes?

It is an excellent anti malware system which is best in providing protection to computers. This software come with both the options: free ones and the paid ones too. The free version of malwarebytes is little downwards for real time protection. It works on the windows. The software has a great reputation among people for removing malwares and other spywares also.

  • It helps in detecting the adware and threats.
  • Another good thing about the software is that it works for the antivirus too.
  • There is no for the demand scans in this software.
  • At the time of working with security applications, it might create conflicts.


If you don’t want to use malwarebytes then other software also available and one can choose any one from them. Those alternatives to choose are:-

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

It is very effective software which is considered as the best anti malware software for computer. It is strong software which is silent too. The software will not only ask about the question at the time of installing. It helps in identifying the risks and eliminates them for safety and security. Even this software will scan and clean the junk from the computer whenever you install the software. Ads is a very major issue which people find in every software but in this software there is nothing likes so. This software is totally ad free.

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AVG Antivirus Free

With the help of remote activate, this AVG antivirus software will work effectively. It is a simple interface software with its effective scanning. It can work on windows, mac, and android. This software is quite configurable which is having a great record for cleaning the malware from the computer. It provides great protection to the system from getting affected by the virus. As everything has pros and cons, few cons are also there with this software. This software might result to make the scanning little slower and not best for the phishing protection of PC. In its paid and pro model, it will provide more security and features to the users.

If someone is interested in its alternatives, then they can adopt these options. Other software also available so one can go through these also to find the best one according to their PC and their own requirements.  We also suggest you to check out here Top 10 anti malware softwares with their neat and deep information.