Essential Facts to Know About Toon Blast- Mobile Game!

facts to know about toon blast game

Have you ever played the Toon Blast game? Desire to play a superb match-3 puzzle game with 3D graphics and advanced features? In order to solve all queries, Peak Games has launched a fantastic game named Toon Blast.

Every user in the game needs to match-3 puzzles, gain more rewards, skills besides the need to pass various challenging levels. One can easily play the game on Android and IOS devices without paying money.

There are many cartoon characters, magical worlds, features, functions added in Toon Blast game, which makes it fantastic as compared to others.

Playing the game smoothly permits you to explore endless entertainment, reduce daily life stress, and enhance mental skills more.

Well, there are many essential facts added that every player needs to know while playing the game. It helps them to perform smoothly, enjoy more, and progress faster like no one another can. In the post, we are going to mention all those facts, so pay more attention.

Know your combos

For leveling up faster in Toon Blast game, developers include combos feature. Finding and using different combos help users to make a big blast besides destroying a higher number of blocks/cubes.

Not only it allows gamers to level up faster, but also to gain more EXP’s, points, bonus, in game currencies and rewards. There are different combos available in the game such as-

  • Rocket
  • Bombs
  • Disco ball

Each combo plays a vital role in the game and destroys a more significant number of cubes in various manners. Combing five color cubes helps to get a rocket, seven cubes make a bomb, and nine make a disco ball. Try to make more combos in order to gain more benefits.

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Start from bottom

It is considered as one of the best toon blast free coins hack to start the game with more gains. Starting combining from the bottom line helps to destroy more blocks automatically.

The bottom line is the base of the level where one match can damage more blocks. Follow the thumb rule, start matching from the bottom line, and progress faster like no one another can.

Don’t miss the chance of grabbing a favorable startup without facing more issues or obstacles.


Users are able to join or create a group/team for progress faster. Once you reach the 20th level of Toon Blast game, you are allowed to unlock this option for more benefits. Teammates are able to help each other in every situation to pass the mission as soon as possible. Yes, with the help of teammates, you can pass more levels as quickly as possible.

For creating a strong team, players need to spend a specified amount of coins (in-game currency). Whereas on the other hand, for joining a group, there is no need to pay any charge or money as it is entirely free.


Following some essential facts may help users to enjoy the game more and enhance their mental skills as well. Don’t forget to play the game two to three times a day to understand all strategies, concepts, and basics.