Creative Destruction : Everything About In-Game Currencies

Lots of battle Royale games are out there by the game industry, and Creative Destruction is one of them which is capturing significant share.

Creative Destruction is a brand new sandbox surviving game introduced for both iOS as well as Android platforms. There are hundreds of exciting levels, missions, tournaments; game modes are available in the game, which makes it superb as compared to other games.

creative destruction currency guide

Crative Destruction Currency Guide

In the game, a player needs to survive more or till the end by defeating all other players/enemies. Playing the game smoothly helps you to explore endless entertainment as well as reduce daily life stress quickly.

Maintaining in-game currencies is essential for every user as from it, you can perform all tasks smoothly besides can purchase different game items. Moreover, collecting currency in right amount allows you to progress in the Creative Destruction game faster like no one another can.

If you don’t know anything about currencies, then stay focused on forthcoming content more. Here we are going to mention kinds of currencies, their roles and how to earn them efficiently.

Mainly, there are three kinds of currencies used in Creative Destruction game namely-

  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Star coins


Gold is chief as well as the premium currency of the game from which needy stuff can be purchased from the store. There is only a single method available to earn this currency and i.e., winning several battles.

creative destruction gold

Gold of Creative Destruction

So, all gamers need to practice more and more to win the battles. Apart from winning the battles, players can also spend a limited amount of real cash to earn this currency. If you want to earn free currency in the game then you can easily use creative destruction cheats which can get you free in game currency.


Diamonds are also considered a crucial currency of the Creative Destruction game. For earning this currency in the proper amount, you need to win pass every single mission of the game.

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It is considered as the most effective way to make this currency without wasting more efforts or without getting stressed.

creative destruction diamonds

Diamonds are useful for buying big/powerful weapons in Creative Destruction game besides for enhancing players’ performance. So if you need to win the battles smoothly, try to upgrade the mechanics by using this particular currency.

Star Coins

Star coins are the third primary currency of the game which can be used for customizing the Avatars as well as for purchasing necessary items. In other words, this currency is beneficial for making the Avatars more charming or good looking.

creative destruction starcoins

starcoins in creative destruction

There is no need to worry more about how to earn it in the proper amount as completing daily tasks, playing missions, campaigns make it possible. Also, don’t forget to upgrade the needy stuff which will be useful in the future.

Login Daily

It is another best way to earning all kinds of currencies in daily routine. Either this kind of tasks offers a limited amount of currency, but it is sufficient enough to collect more. Logging daily in the game also provides different types of rewards to the users.

Don’t miss the chance, which helps you to receive more benefits.