Covet Fashion Game Hack And Cheats – Take it To The Next Level

covet fashion hack

Are you trying to progress in Covet Fashion game quickly? Want to pass every level smoothly besides to become a supermodel? If yes, then in order to achieve all targets, users must follow forthcoming content seriously.

Here we are going to mention some useful covet fashion hack and cheats, which helps you to enjoy more. But before we start directly with master ways lets discuss some about the game first.

Covet Fashion is an exciting style as well as fashion game where players need to design an avatar. They need to make the simple model superstar by opting new outfit brands, hairstyles, skins, and other fashionable things.

Lots of new fashion/style items, rewards, missions, challenges, are added in the game, which makes it fabulous as compared to other games. Fashion lovers can easily play the game, explore endless fun as well as can reduce all mental stress.

It’s not an easy task for users to become a supermodel in Covet Fashion game, but with some covet fashion cheats, it is possible.

Top 3 Covet Fashion Hack And Cheats For Beginners

1. Join Fashion House

It is suggested for all the users to join a fashion house as faster as possible because some fashion house contains different rules. Users need to fill all the requirements of fashion houses to enter either they are not allowed.

fashion house in covet fashion

Joining this house helps you to progress in the game faster like no one another can. If you don’t find a fashion house to join, try to create your own. Keep it open, which allows other players to join it faster.

Along with creating a home, you can also borrow fashionable items from crew members. It allows you to save more money, time beside efforts.

2. Connect With Facebook

While entering the game, you see two options either to connect with Facebook or to play as a guest. It is recommended you to join the game account with Facebook to collect more benefits. Performing this task correctly allow users to earn a specific amount of rewards, including in-game currencies.

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Also, it helps you to invite more friends to play jointly, besides succeed faster.

3. In-Game Currencies

There are three kinds of currencies used in Covet Fashion game which help users to play the game smoothly without facing a lack of resources. Moreover maintaining currencies helps you to become a pro player faster.

covet fashion in game currency

Tickets, diamonds, and money are three currencies. Money can be used to buy different garments as well as fashionable items.

On the other hand, tickets are used to enter challenges, missions and events. Without using tickets, you cannot play any challenge or cannot enjoy the game.

Diamonds are considered as the premium currency of the game, which can be used to buy expensive clothing garments or to convert them in tickets besides money.

Each currency plays a vital role in the game, which can be earned by completing game tasks. So, try to obtain currencies as much as possible that help to perform every task smoothly.