Choices Stories You Play Features

Choices Features

Choices Stories You Play is a role-play game of the choices; where a player chooses the story. There are many stories in the game; one of the stories a player decides to play the game.

There is a length of every story which has the time to complete in a set time. Here, you will select the story of the data like drama, romance, and many others.

In the game, we can customize our characters with different styles. The user of the game can make the choices to love as well as solve the crime.

Salient Features of Choices Game:

Design your character

The player enjoys this game because of the features of the game. According to the interest, you can customize the character with amazing attributes and styles.

Players pick up the different aspects and give them a look as they want.

A mysterious adventure 

Players go through a fantastic experience in the Choices Stories You Play game. The game provides the player with different types of criminal cases to solve.

While solving these cases, you go on a journey of fun and mystery. There are many choices hack available, which players use to disclose the culprit. Each level is full of an exciting role. We as a player not only solve the cases but also have the opportunities to love.

We can choose a partner and then go with him/her ahead on the next level. A player can enjoy everything like romance with partner, horror as well as terror.

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Make friends or partner

You are at the Hartfeld University in the Choices Stories You Play game, where you can make friends and partners as well. It is a college drama, which takes the player in the world of love as well as romance.

There are many characters like party girl Kaitlyn, bookish James, and many others, and you can make friends and partner one of them. The player has the option to date and romance with the partner.

Develop an army and save your kingdom

We can create the military to regain the kingdom. Our enemies have stolen the throne, now player fight and kill the enemies.

There are many weapons in the game, which a player can use to defeat the enemies. At any cost, you have to claim your crown and become the king of the game.

Choose your role-play

A player can decide the role of the character according to gender and interest. You can choose to be a guy or a girl in the Choices Stories You Play game.

Role-play helps the player to find the right match, to whom you can make friends and partner. When you have a date with your partner, but you don’t feel that partner is a perfect match for you. In such a condition, the user has the option to alter the date for the right partner.

Here, the user will enjoy many uncertain stories, and these stories will fill the user with the thrill.