Age Of Empires 2: The True Review From A Gamer

Age of Empires Review

Age of Empires 2 marks the beginning of a new world in the genre of RTS (real-time strategy) games. A single player campaign in this game is really refreshing and enjoyable. There have been 3 new additions to this edition of the game: The Forgotten, The African Kingdoms and The Rise of the Rajas.

All the campaigns are really bold and solid, and they’re all historically based and have pretty good and interesting mechanisms.

Age of Empires series is originally based on the old RTS genre, somewhere around the 90s. That’s why the graphics and the gameplay are somewhat straightforward, and it can’t be referred to as a technological masterpiece. But apart from every other factor, the gameplay mechanics are so solid that it gets another level of appreciation. Therefore, the overall gameplay review seems to be perfectly balanced.

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Unlike the earlier editions, Age of Empire 2 is slow-paced, and not like the other strategy games in which you’ve got to have a strong economic mechanism to deal with every situation in the game. A battle can take approximately 20 minutes, even if you want to rush through it. But the fact of the matter is that it’s not dragging slow, even though it takes up some extra minutes,you’re going to enjoy each and every aspect of the battles.

As a beginner, I’d suggest you don’t forget the basic techniques and don’t try to hurry in every single battle.

Another blissful feature about the Age of Empires 2 is its characteristic music tracks and sound effects that keep running in the background. If you’ve been playing Age of Empires games for quite some time now, you must have been familiarised with these attributes of the game.

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You’d be left in the mid-early age with nothing but a town centre, some villages and a mountain scouts unit. From the villages, we can gather resources, or build structures such as castles, mills or military unit buildings. In the map, you can browse around many places to find new resources or opponents. The town centre allows you to create more villages, and research more technologies. Unlike many other RTS games, there is a larger emphasis in Age of Empires 2 for resource gathering. In fact, you need to collect enough resources before even thinking about facing an opponent or building a new village.

The indicator at the top of the screen shows what kind of experience you have in the game, in terms of age, such as Imperial Age, Futile Age etc. As much as you progress into the game, more and more economic and military technologies will be unlocked for you. You should always choose the right composition of troops in order to increase your probability of succeeding in a battle.

Overall, Age of Empires 2 is not that fascinating to your eyes, you can still indulge in its captivating gameplay and enjoy building your town.

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